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Josh Johnson - Owner
Covert Concepts Secret Door Company, Inc.
Wilmington, NC

  • Covert Concepts Secret Door Company

    Do You Have Something to Hide?

    Whether you want a hiding place for your valuables, a safe room for personal security, or the ultimate playroom for your kids, Covert Concepts will create the perfect, custom-crafted solution for you.

The Fine Art of Concealment

Fine Craftsmanship

Covert Concepts uses only the finest materials and the most modern, state-of-the-art security equipment, so you can rest assured that what you want to hide will remain hidden.

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Creative Solutions

Josh has an uncanny gift for finding creative solutions for all your confidential needs. Josh can custom build furniture with secret compartments or even find ways to utilize unused space you didn’t even know you had.

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Ultimate Security

Josh builds everything at his shop and breaks them down into easily transported and installed sections. This vastly reduces installation time and enhances secrecy. When working at your house, Josh operates out of an unmarked truck for added security.

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