Is the CIA Secretly Continuing the MK-Ultra Mind Control Experiments?

Is the CIA Secretly Continuing the MK-Ultra Mind Control Experiments?

We’re willing to bet that you had no idea this blog is controlling your mind.  It’s time to let you in on the secret. We do have standards here.

It all started many moons ago when we found a book on the CIA’s mind control project.  You may know it as MK-Ultra. Please don’t try it at home. It’s only for trained professionals, like us.

Our government funded a CIA project that studied the effects of LSD on unsuspecting participants to see what they could, or most importantly, would do.  Given that this project started in 1953, it’s purpose was to develop methods that could be used inside the Soviet Union. Could there be a better infiltration behind enemy lines than that enemy’s own citizen?

A good conspiracy theory always has a grain of truth behind it.  In this case, MK-Ultra was a reaction to the idea that the Soviet Union had teamed up with China and North Korea to brainwash captured soldiers from the Korean War, making them weapons against the United States.  The CIA’s mission was to develop a similar program that not only could do the same against our enemies, but also identify who was potentially a suspect.

The United States government admitted publicly that this program existed.  That’s the grain of truth. There’s no more evidence anyone needs from this admission.  So where does the conspiracy theory start?

When the program was terminated in 1973, the CIA destroyed most of the records.  A government intelligence agency that destroys records might have something to hide.  A conspiracy theory is born.


The CIA used LSD for its effects on the mind.  The drug was especially effective in psychological torture and brainwashing.  There were some other drugs involving in MK-Ultra, like ecstasy and heroin, but LSD was the most effective.  One of the biggest controversies of this project was where these experiments happened.

There were so-called safe houses that prostitutes used to lure MK-Ultra participants.  The tests were conducted at universities and hospitals. Some people volunteered for the program, but we seriously doubt they knew the extent to which they would be test subjects.

Yes, the CIA shut down this program in 1973, or did they?  That’s what the government claims. President Ford wanted to put a stop to illegal CIA activities.  He started the United States President’s Commission on CIA Activities within the United States. The problem for the CIA is that they had no authority to conduct operations on US soil.  That’s not within their charter. The CIA is tasked with foreign intelligence. A US citizen does not fall into that category.

It really doesn’t matter what the CIA or official US government position is on MK-Ultra.  Conspiracy theorists will always believe that there’s more they aren’t telling us. This is one of those conspiracy theories that we’re on the fence about.  We admit that it’s highly unlikely that the CIA is still conducting mind control experiments on US citizens, or anyone else for that matter.

But, and this is a big but, it’s not entirely out of the realm of possibilities that our government has continued exploring ways to turn a foreign citizen against his own country, unwillingly.  That’s the nature of warfare.


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