What’s Going on In Abe Lincoln’s Head?

What’s Going on In Abe Lincoln’s Head?

Imagine if you could be the modern-day Indiana Jones. Searching the world for lost treasures.
Uncovering the truth about legends you heard about as a child. Dressed up in a wool felt fedora and armed with a bull whip, you’d be ready for adventure.

That sense of adventure could lead you to the Black Hills of South Dakota. A little-known secret
chamber has been discovered behind the face of Abraham Lincoln.



According to The History Channel, this secret chamber was the idea of the original sculptor of Mount Rushmore, Gutzon Borglum. His vision of this chamber was to be a grand hall that housed our nation’s most sacred documents.

The sculptor envisioned a grand, 800-foot- long staircase ascending Mount Rushmore that would
lead to a glorious chamber called the “Hall of Records.” “Into this room the records of what our
people aspired to and what they accomplished should be collected,” Borglum wrote, “and on the
walls of this room should be cut the literal record of conception of our republic; its successful
creation; the record of its westward movement to the Pacific; its presidents; how the Memorial
was built, and frankly, why.” (http://www.history.com/news/mount-rushmores- secret-

Mount Rushmore is a sight to behold. It’s one of this nation’s most recognizable national landmarks. To
think that this treasure has secrets is not hard to believe. If we could believe everything the people in Hollywood put in movies, there could be much more than just an unfinished room hiding in Mt. Rushmore.

Sadly, the chamber Gutzon planned was left unfinished when he died. The carvings on the mountain, as we know them today, were finished by his son, but the grand hall envisioned by Gutzon creator was not.



Or, was it? What if there really is more to this room? Could it be more than an unfinished chamber? Is it a doorway to something more immense? Maybe it just needs a modern-day Indian Jones to put the legend to rest, once and for all.

What do you think about it? Is the chamber unfinished as the reports describe or is there more to this story than we know? Tell us your opinion in the comments!

Source: http://www.history.com/news/mount-rushmores-secret-chamber