The Purpose Behind Covert Concepts

The Purpose Behind Covert Concepts

At Covert Concepts, the majority of our concealed storage requests revolve around two basic purposes.  The first is keeping dangerous objects from loved ones, and the second is keeping valuable belongings safe during a robbery. We can even blend these into hybrid third purpose: keeping loved ones safe during a robbery or other potentially dangerous event.

Concealed Storage for Food and Supplies
Brett Williams shows off “the vault,” a secret storage room he built inside his Utah County home. Williams keeps the room stocked with everything he might need to survive following a natural disaster. (Photo: KSL-TV)


Secret doors are perfect for building hidden shelters that can be fortified as needed. When homeowners are looking to build a secret room for their family’s protection, burglaries aren’t the only potential threat to consider. Large-scale emergencies caused by weather, cyber attacks, or political instability could require protection from outside dangers, such as environmental or looting, as well as a struggle for resources.

As ominous as this may sound, we’ve recently seen how devastating these events can be, with the hurricanes in Texas and Florida, plus natural disasters all over the world. However rare these cases are, disasters can happen to anyone.  It is always better to plan ahead. Being prepared could be the difference between safety and catastrophe.  Secret rooms offer a place to retreat for cover, but also provide an opportunity to store food, medical supplies, tools, communication equipment, and other valuables that could very well save your life and that of your loved ones.

At Covert Concepts we offer custom concealed storage solutions for all kinds of situations. Anything from small pre-designed cabinets to fully custom secret rooms – and everything in between. We’re happy to talk to you about the best solution for your specific needs. Our mission is to keep your loved ones and your valuables safe from harm.