Is There an Undiscovered Secret Room Inside King Tut’s Tomb?

Is There an Undiscovered Secret Room Inside King Tut’s Tomb?

We’ve all heard of King Tut. Even thousands of miles from Egypt and thousands of years after he died, we are intrigued by the legend of the young King. His tomb was first discovered in 1922, but the mystery surrounding his tomb and it’s contents still grows today.

Being the most famous Egyptian pharaoh in history will certainly get you some attention. Scientists have been studying his tomb since it was first discovered. In addition to the things we have been able to uncover inside, there is a legend that tells of a vast hidden fortune that remains undiscovered.

Recently a Japanese scientist, using laser technology, claims to have found evidence that there are secret rooms hidden just beyond the walls of the tomb as we know it. According to his interpretation of the scans, there are doors covered up in the walls and an empty space beyond them.

The Mystery of King Tut Secret Room

Despite numerous other laser scans being done, no one has been able to replicate the Japanese scientist’s findings. The officials in charge of the tomb flat out deny that any hidden rooms exist. While they don’t believe the controversial findings, they are still allowing other scans to be done.

What they won’t allow is more excavation. They don’t buy into the legend of the secret room filled with gold. They believe that what we know about King Tut’s tomb and the current excavated portions are all there is to find. But what if the Japanese scientist’s scans are correct? What if it’s all just a conspiracy to cover up a massive fortune? Do you think we’ll ever know for sure?

We can’t know for sure what the Egyptians were thinking or planning when they built King Tut’s tomb. We know they filled the tombs with all kind of treasures and supplies for the afterlife, but if there was a massive fortune to protect, don’t you imagine they would take extra steps to ensure it wasn’t easy to find?

King Tut Tomb Secret Room


The tombs of ancient Egypt have always been a source of mystery and curiosity since they were discovered. It’s not likely that we will ever fully understand the culture of ancient Egypt or discover all of it’s secrets. The Egyptians went to great care to preserve and protect the valuables of their beloved kings and pharaohs. And it’s likely if they went to such care after a king had died, then they certainly had methods of protecting things while the King was alive.

Can you imagine what it would be like to have a secret room in your palace filled with gold, jewels and other treasures? Most of us in the modern world aren’t protecting vast fortunes like King Tut’s, but our valuables are still important. Whether you’re storing your collection of gold coins, guns or antique jewelry, we are in the business of helping you hide and protect the items you want to stay out of sight. I guess that makes us a little bit like the ancient Egyptians.