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Stealth Wall

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What is Stealth Wall?

Stealth Wall is designed not only to hide your valuables, but also to become a stylish part of your décor. It utilizes unused space between the studs by inserting into the wall. With different sizes and finishes, we are able to customize the look you need to blend into any room. The inside of every Stealth Wall contains a soft velcro backing to attach holsters and accessories. It also features adjustable shelving and a magnetic locking mechanism with key.


The finishes we currently offer are:


White – Black – Rustic Black – Cherry – Dark Cherry – Sea Mist Blue – Red Oak  - and Maple


Size and color customization is also an option


Custom orders:

You can contact us by email or

call us directly to order at: 910-547-6285.


YouTube installation Instructions:

Large SW demensions with wallLarge SW demensions rear

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