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Hidden Catholic Church and Operating Room Found in Buildings Outside the United States

Our series on Hidden Floors in Buildings Across America is taking an international turn as we wrap it up. We’ve explored secret floors in churches, hotels, skyscrapers and amusements parks so far, but in today’s post we’re heading to London and Amsterdam to explore an old house and an old church. Neither of those sound particularly impressive, but once you know what’s hiding above them, you’re likely to be more impressed. Let’s explore the old…

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What Are Brooklyn and Chicago Both Hiding?

Can you believe we’re at Part 3 in our Secret Floors in Buildings Across America series already? Who knew SO MANY secrets were hiding in buildings in the U.S.. We are in the business of secret rooms so we suspect that while we’ve discovered some cool things that were once a secret, there are plenty more that haven’t been, and likely won’t ever be, discovered. This week we’re going to dive into what Brooklyn and…

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