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What is Hiding in Plain Sight at Disney World and Times Square?

Welcome to Part 2 of the Secret Floors in Buildings Across America Series! This week we’re tackling two major tourist attractions that host millions of visitors each year. With so many visitors, it’s hard to believe that anything could remain hidden, but that’s exactly the case for both Disney World and Times Square. What’s hiding at Disney World? Let’s tackle the cartoon-dominated play land first! In a place as big as Disney World, there are…

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Secret Floors in Buildings Across America are a Conspiracy Theorists Dream

We’ve been profiling secret rooms and passageways in old homes, churches and even a National Monument, but this week we’re going to up the ante a bit and explore a few secret floors. These aren’t simple rooms hidden under a trap door, but rather entire floors that are hidden from public knowledge for various reasons. Of course, if you’re into conspiracy theories, your mind will be going a mile a minute trying to imagine what…

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