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Secret Rooms in the Underground Railroad Network

February is Black History Month, and we here at Covert Concepts honor the contributions of all African-Americans to this great country. The history of the United States is marked with amazing achievements, and also unbelievable sorrow. This week our interest in secret rooms takes us back to the middle of the nineteenth century and the Underground Railroad. When you hear Underground Railroad, who is the first person that comes to mind? Likely, it’s Harriet Tubman.…

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Hidden Passageways and Secret Doors on the Biltmore Estate

If you’re looking for great places to take a vacation, look no further than the Asheville, NC. The Blue Ridge Mountains offer some of the most spectacular views on the East Coast. They literally have everything you could possibly want to do. If hiking is your jam, there are a dozens of trails. If you like to gamble a little, there’s a casino right down the highway. There’s even a bit of the Old South…

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