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Carefully Crafted, Confidently Concealed.

Covert Concepts Secret Door Company custom builds secret doors, hidden rooms, and other hidden storage solutions that discretely protect valuable belongings in your home.

Josh Johnson

Owner Josh Johnson has more than 20 years construction experience and is a veteran of the US Marine Corps, where he worked in security forces at a top-secret government facility. Josh draws on his military security experience as well as his background in construction to design and build secret storage with maximum protection. As a veteran-owned business, we can proudly say all of our products are made in the USA with top quality craftsmanship.

Covert Concepts makes your privacy our priority. Every conversation with a client is confidential and every project is handled with the clients privacy in mind. We build everything at our shop in Wilmington, North Carolina, in easily transportable sections and bring them to your home for quick and easy installation. We operate out of an unmarked truck for added security.

Whether you’re looking to hide valuables, build a room for personal safety, or construct a playroom for your kids, Covert Concepts can make it happen with an uncanny gift for finding creative solutions. We find ways to utilize unused space you didn’t even know you had. Only the finest materials and state-of-the-art security features are used to build, secret doors, furniture or install concealed storage between wall studs.

Why Secret Doors

Keeping firearms securely hidden in a secret place could be the difference between life and death. Hidden storage keeps weapons out of reach of children while still allowing you to protect your home in the face of an intruder. We can turn an ordinary home décor piece, like a mirror or a piece of furniture, into secret storage that keeps firearms, jewelry, and other valuables concealed.

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