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Carefully Crafted, Confidently Concealed

Covert Concepts Secret Door Company creates hidden doors and spaces that keep your valuables and your family safe and secure. We will create the perfect custom solution that fits your home and your needs. Do you have something to hide? Learn about our products to see how Covert Concepts can keep your secret.

Covert Concepts Secret Door Company, Inc.
Wilmington, NC


Hide your valuables

Safely store high-value items in your own home. Traditional storage solutions for jewelry, guns, and cash aren’t covert enough and attract unwanted attention. Covert Concepts hides these items in secret rooms, concealed cabinets and within functional furniture. Keep children away from firearms and protect your valuables from home invasions. Our creative solutions give you ultimate security.

Stealth Wall

An ordinary mirror wouldn’t get a second look from an intruder. Protect your belongings with Stealth Wall, concealed storage that appears to be a stylish piece of home décor. It inserts right into your wall, utilizing unused space between the studs. Inside, we’ve added adjustable shelving, and a soft velcro backing for added protection. Stealth Wall is perfect for storing jewelry, guns, or other valuables. We stock two standard sizes in eight finishes and also accept custom orders. Browse our products and protect your valuables today.


All of our concealed storage is custom built at our shop in Wilmington, North Carolina. We offer a free consultation on all projects. Everything is constructed in easy to transport sections, allowing for quick and easy installation. Covert Concepts uses quality materials and state-of-the-art security equipment, so you can rest assured that what you want to hide will remain hidden.

Need a Free Consultation?

We offer free consultations on all secret storage projects. Contact us today install the ultimate security solution in your home.

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Covert Concepts Products

Secret Rooms

Having hidden storage brings you peace of mind. Covert Concepts offers secret solutions suited for nearly anything in your home.

Hidden Safes

Do you need a solution for protecting small valuables like jewelry, money, or a handgun?

Concealed Gun Cabinets

Visible gun safes attract too much attention from children or intruders.

Secret Drawers

Do you want to keep a small handgun nearby while you sleep?

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