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Secret Rooms in the Underground Railroad Network

February is Black History Month, and we here at Covert Concepts honor the contributions of all African-Americans to this great country. The history of the United States is marked with amazing achievements, and also unbelievable sorrow. This week our interest in secret rooms takes us back to the middle of the nineteenth century and the Underground Railroad. When you hear Underground Railroad, who is the first person that comes to mind? Likely, it’s Harriet Tubman.…

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Little John and His Infamous Priest Holes

If you heard the name “Little John”, what’s the first thing that pops in your head?  Robin Hood and His Merrie Men, right?  Maybe you’re a Kevin Costner fan, and picture Little John besting Robin in a duel over a river.  I picture the more classic version of Robin Hood, Men In Tights.  This duel wasn’t over a river.  It was more like a stream of water you see coming out of the downspout of a…

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Concealed Passages in the White House

Hollywood has always kept alive the public’s interest in secret military installations, covert tunnels under Washington, D.C., or complex systems of rails and other means of travel. Of all the secret rooms, doors, and passages now known, the White House is among the most intriguing, and complex in the world. While most of the details of these networks are still unknown, the Obama Administration made a decision to reveal certain aspects that have never before…

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