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Is There Any Truth to the Conspiracy Theories About JFK?

It’s time for the Granddaddy of the Them All on conspiracy theories, the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.  There are so many theories surrounding this monstrous event in American history. From the Russians to the Cubans, to the Mafia and even our own government, accusations of those involved would make your eyes glaze over.  What about the grassy knoll? Was there really a magic bullet? We’re proud veterans at Covert Concepts, and the fact…

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Are Conspiracy Theorists Right About the Moon Landing?

Almost everyone loves a good conspiracy theory.  It sells movies. It writes blogs. It captures attention.  We love conspiracy theories too. We admit our part in fueling the discussion, and possibly the breakdown of modern society. Ok, that last part was an exaggeration.  Still, the point holds true. Why else would you be reading this if you weren’t the slightest bit curious? At the top of our list is the famous theory that NASA faked…

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